Sorority House Safety: Tips For Keeping Your College Student And Her Friends Safe


According to US News and World Report, approximately 9.3 percent of all female college students belonged to a sorority in 2012. If you or your daughter is planning on living in a sorority house, you might be apprehensive because of the fast-paced party lifestyle that is often associated with many sororities. If you're concerned about the safety issues associated with living in a sorority, such as burglaries and uninvited guests at parties, there are several ways to make the house more safe. Here are a few tips to help make any sorority house a safer place:

Create a Set of Safety Rules

Sorority life can be hectic, exciting and a little scary. If there have been safety issues in the past, or you simply want to ensure it is safer in the future, the first step must be to create some simple ground rules.

Here are a few safety ground rules to consider implementing in your or your daughter's sorority house:

  • Insist that all non-members of the sorority must be accompanied by a member of the sorority. Any non-members should only be allowed in common areas, such as the living room or kitchen, and should not be allowed in any bedrooms.

  • Institute a "no sleepover" policy. This goes for any family members or significant others.

  • Ask that no non-members be allowed in the home after a certain time. For example, the visiting hours for non-members could be until 11:00 pm.

  • A "lock up behind you" rule is a simple way to prevent unauthorized access. Insist that all the sorority sisters keep their bedrooms locked when they are not in the house. The front door should also always remained locked, whether anyone is there or not. Also, make it a policy that the sorority sisters aren't allowed to give their house key to anyone – even a parent.

Additionally, implementing a zero tolerance policy on drugs, alcohol and firearms will also help prevent any incidents that could put the lives of the sorority sisters in peril.

The Best Security System for A Sorority House

Creating a set of strict house safety rules is a great first step. The next step must be to either update or install a new state-of-the-art security system. There are many systems available on the market and each comes equipped with a number of amazing security features.

There are a few home security safety features that are ideal for busy sorority houses. Here are a few:

  • Motion and Glass Break Detectors – Installing motion detectors around the perimeter of the home is a great way to scare off potential burglars. If glass break detectors are installed, a silent alarm is sent straight to the security company's monitoring department. The security company's employee can then quickly act by either calling a member of the sorority or by calling the police.

  • Automatic Door Lock – Even if you implement a stringent door locking policy, there will still be absent-minded students who will forget. An automatic door lock ensures that, no matter what, the sorority house will be secure. Additionally, an automatic door lock will prevent unwanted guests from wandering into a house party.

  • Wireless Remote Safety Features – Most college students would be lost without their cellphones. A wireless system that features remote monitoring can help students keeps an eye on their house and personal belongings throughout the day and during breaks.

Living in a sorority can be very rewarding, but it also raises several safety concerns, for both the students and their parents. Luckily, all it takes to ensure you or your college-aged daughter is safe is to insist they follow the safety rules and insist the university or the sorority's benefactors update the home's security system.

For more information and alarm options, talk with a professional security company, such as Digitron Security Systems, Inc.


2 December 2015

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