6 Ways To Keep Employees Safe In The Workplace


As a business owner, you are not only responsible for your company's financial success, but also for the safety and welfare of your employees while they're at work. Unfortunately, we live in a world where emergencies can happen at any time, from potentially violent crimes to fires. There are, however, specific things you can do to help keep your employees secure and promote a safe workplace environment. Here are six ideas:

24 February 2016

4 Ways To Protect & Monitor Outdoor Dog Areas


A dog is often a huge extension of your family and you want to keep them just as protected as everyone else. When setting up a home security system, it's important to keep pet safety and protection in mind. When you're not home, it's often common for dogs to use doors and access areas for going outside. Instead of leaving the areas vulnerable, you can set up multiple ways to monitor pet activity and any other suspicious activities including potential burglars, unwanted pests, or neighbors that interact with your animal.

8 January 2016