4 Ways To Protect & Monitor Outdoor Dog Areas


A dog is often a huge extension of your family and you want to keep them just as protected as everyone else. When setting up a home security system, it's important to keep pet safety and protection in mind. When you're not home, it's often common for dogs to use doors and access areas for going outside. Instead of leaving the areas vulnerable, you can set up multiple ways to monitor pet activity and any other suspicious activities including potential burglars, unwanted pests, or neighbors that interact with your animal. The following four security features can be implemented into a number of home features and will help keep you reassured about your dog's safety when you're not home or occupied in another part of the home.

Doggy Smart Doors

One of the more vulnerable areas on your home may be a doggy door that you have installed. A typical doggy door flaps open and moves in both ways. Instead of giving your home an easy access point, you can increase the security and protect your dog with a smart door. These doors are constantly locked unless a key fob sensor is used to activate it. The small sensor is attached to a dog's collar. When the dog approaches the door, it is unlocked so the dog can easily enter and exit.

Customized options on the smart doors allow you to keep the door shut during specific hours of the day. For example, if the dog is sleeping for the night, you can set a time period where no access is allowed. Not only will this help keep potential criminals away from your home, but it also helps keep out pests like mice, rats, and raccoon.

Outdoor Spy Camera

If you want extra protection in your dog's kennel or fenced in area, then you can have an outdoor spy camera installed. These cameras are great for monitoring a dog's activity and can blend naturally inside the area. There are multiple types of hidden cameras ideal for an outdoor area. One of the best examples is a rock camera. A small rock can be placed in the area. With a tiny lens built right into the rock, you can enjoy clear visuals of the whole kennel. The video feed can record to a small media card or be sent to a computer or tablet device.

Other types of outdoor hidden cameras feature designs like flood lights, bird houses, and fake electrical boxes. Choose a hidden design that blends into your home and exterior decor.

Motion-Activated Monitor Systems

Keep track of your dog and anyone near the kennel by having a motion-activated monitor system installed on your property. When connected to your security system, you can receive instant updates any time the sensor goes off. Once the alert is activated, you can click on a live app link to monitor the situation as it happens. This type of monitoring system is great for spotting any potential crimes along with nuisance animals on your property like birds and squirrels.

Even if you do not monitor the feed live, you can go through all the motion alerts that occurred through the day and watch a DVR of the video feed. This is a great monitoring tool that allows you to track your dog's activity and make any needed changes for your home setup.

Fence & Gate Sensors

One of the easiest ways to keep track of outside intruders on your property is with a fence and gate sensors on your dog's kennel or outside area. When someone tries to enter the area, a loud alarm will go off and help deter them away from the property. Along with the initial alarm, the sensors can be programmed to alert a security company. This will give you instant security help and emergency access to local law enforcement. Audible sensors can also alert any neighbors that can hear the alarm.

By expressing your interest to protect your dog to a security company, they can help you set up an ideal security system. They may even show you features and products that you were completely unaware about.


8 January 2016

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