3 Home Security Mistakes You And Your Family Are Making


Without realizing it, you and your family could be inviting intruders to attempt to enter your home. Home security is more than just setting your alarm each time you leave. You and your family need to avoid making missteps that could leave your home vulnerable to intruders. Here are some home security mistakes that need to be avoided.  

Believing a Home Security System Is Only a Deterrent

A home security system is more than just a deterrent for potential intruders. It can also help to protect you and your family in many other possibly hazardous situations. Therefore, it is important to look for a system that offers protection from various situations, such as fire and gas.  

Home security systems can include everything from sensors that alert your security company of an intruder to an escape ladder for leaving the home in the event of a fire. Each home's security needs are different, so the best way to determine what type of system would be most effective for yours is to get an assessment by a security company.  

Failing to Use the System on a Regular Basis

A home security system is only effective if it is put into regular use by a homeowner. In some instances in which an intruder was able to get into a home, it was because the system was not properly activated. To avoid this, you and your family need to get into the habit of activating the system and using its other features when appropriate.  

Part of using the system on a regular basis is ensuring that the data for the system is up to date. Some systems need to be periodically updated and it is a good idea to update the pin codes for family members every few months. By keeping the system updated, you can be sure it is operating as it should. 

Hiding Your Security System

Since part of the reason to have a home security system is to deter intruders, you need to have it somewhat visible so that it is known your home is protected. For instance, your home's security cameras should be placed in prominent positions so they are easily seen. However, the cameras need to be out of reach of any would-be intruders.  

It is important to be careful with making all of the system visible. For instance, your keypad should never be visible. An intruder who can see the pad from outside can see the entry of the pin codes. 


15 March 2017

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My house has three fireplaces and a wood burning stove that we use to heat the home during the winter. Because we use fire to heat the home, I wanted to increase the fire protection that we had. I wanted to have a sprinkler system and enhanced fire alarms installed. I began researching the different features available to be sure that I was going to get the system that would protect my family and my home effectively. If you are looking into installing a fire protection system in your home, visit my blog. Hopefully, all of my research can help you find the system that will best protect your family.