Value Of A Security System With An Advanced Control Panel


Security systems are continually getting better, and a big part of this progression comes directly from the control panel itself. There are a lot of other advancements in the technology in all the equipment, but the control panel is the brains of the entire security system. The control panel has seen improvements in many different aspects such as voiceover connection to monitoring company, response time, and going completely wireless.  This article is going to go over these three different aspects of the new security system control panels, and why these are such important improvements.

Voiceover Connection

When the alarm is tripped in your home the control panel will contact the monitoring company. The monitoring company will come over the control panel and verify the emergency. With past systems there was no way to verify the emergency and so there were many false alarms. In many areas a false alarm could cost you a great deal of money. The voiceover feature allows you to let the monitoring company exactly what is going on inside the home. If there is an emergency where you are not able to confirm the emergency, a trained monitoring professional will be able to confirm the emergency. The monitoring company will always error on the side of safety.

Response Time

When you are purchasing a security system, you are buying peace of mind and a response time. One of the main draws to a security system with a high quality control panel is that the voiceover connection gives the monitoring company the ability to respond within seconds of the alarm. When there is a break-in or any other emergency, every single second counts and could ultimately be the difference between a scare and a tragedy.


The control panel that most companies use for security systems is completely wireless. It used to be that every single piece of equipment had to be hardwired back to the control panel. This made installation an absolute nightmare in many cases. Now the equipment ties into the control panel through a wireless connection. Perhaps the most important aspect of being wireless is the fact that the security system does not have to run through a home phone line. Burglars used to be able to cut the home phone line, and the alarm would not be able to reach the monitoring station. With a wireless control panel there is no way that a potential burglar can disconnect the home from the monitoring station.


3 June 2017

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