House Fires Are Something You Should Be Prepared For


Fire is something that scares almost every homeowner. The fact that there are over 2,500 deaths as a result of house fires each year is very scary. Perhaps just as scary is that these fires cause over 7 billion dollars worth of damage each year. It is very important that a homeowner is ready for a fire, but more importantly, it is important that the house is equipped with the necessary preventative measures. There are a few different aspects of fire safety that could seriously give you peace of mind regarding a house fire. Here are a few different fire safety ideas. 

Sprinkler Systems

It is not an uncommon sight to see a fire sprinkler system in a commercial building. Most businesses realize that if there is a fire in the building, the quickest way to extinguish the fire is to start trying to suppress the fire when it is small. Many people do not realize that you can actually have a fire sprinkler system installed in your home. Fire sprinkler systems are extremely effective in fighting fire. One of the reasons is that the sprinkler system always has water flowing through the system. However, the sprinkler heads are blocked with glass that has glycerine inside. When there is a house fire, the glycerine starts to boil and shatters the glass. This allows the water to start to flow through the sprinkler head. 

Fire Alarms

One of the most important things about a house fire is that it is reported to the fire department as soon as possible. Many individuals install a security system, and fire protection can be added to most security systems. This is going to increase the response time for a fire. If there ever is a fire in your home, and you have installed fire protection, the authorities could be notified of the problem within minutes. This allows you to worry about loved ones and the things that matter the most. For more information on fire alarms and suppression systems, contact professionals at the Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Company.

Fire Extinguishers

It is very important that you have fire extinguishers in your home. You should have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and laundry room as these are the most common places for house fires to start. If you are able to stop the fire before it really gets started, you will save a lot of damage to the home. Fire extinguishers are relatively cheap and are extremely effective when they are used properly. 


13 July 2017

enhanced fire protection systems for your home

My house has three fireplaces and a wood burning stove that we use to heat the home during the winter. Because we use fire to heat the home, I wanted to increase the fire protection that we had. I wanted to have a sprinkler system and enhanced fire alarms installed. I began researching the different features available to be sure that I was going to get the system that would protect my family and my home effectively. If you are looking into installing a fire protection system in your home, visit my blog. Hopefully, all of my research can help you find the system that will best protect your family.