When Should You Change the Locks?


As a homeowner, you may wonder when it is time to rekey your locks. After all, you spend time and money to maintain other parts of your home. When should you change the locks? Should you make it part of the routine? This is what you need to know about changing your locks and the right times to do it.

1. Change Your Locks When You Move In

When you buy a new home, you should take the initiative to change the locks right away. You have no idea who might have a key to your lock, leaving your home vulnerable to those who may have lived in the house before or know people who once did. You can feel safe knowing that nobody will have the key to your home.

2. Change Your Locks When You Lose Your Keys

If you have lost your keys recently, you should definitely change the locks. As frustrated as you may be by the ordeal, you cannot guarantee that somebody else does not have the key to your home. Of course, this applies to anything that requires locks on your property if the keys are gone, including storage sheds in your yard and vehicles.

3. Change Your Locks If They Are Not Working

If you ever come home and find that sometimes your lock will not turn or seems to get stuck, it is time to change the locks. Locks can struggle because of age or simply because they are frequently used and wearing. Locks can be repaired, but sometimes the issue is recurring and calls for replacement so you never have to worry about being locked outside your home, unable to get in until help arrives.

4. Change Your Locks When Somebody Moves Out

If somebody has recently moved out of your home, like a roommate or an ex-romantic partner, changing the locks is a good idea. Even if the person did not move out in a contentious way, they may still have access to the key. It is just smart to ensure that you are the only one with access to your property, avoiding any potential threat to your property.

Call a Residential Locksmith Today

A residential locksmith is the best person to help you change your locks and ensure the safety of your home, family, and property. To learn more about rekeying and your replacement options, click for more info. 


28 August 2020

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