3 Benefits Of A Key Fob Security System


Are you considering adding a more advanced security system to your business? While there are many options that you can use to give people access to your building, a key fob security system can provide you with many benefits that you may not have thought of. Here are some of those reasons why it's worth making the upgrade. 

You Will Know Who Enters Your Building

Since every single key fob is given a unique ID, you can use this to tell who is entering your building at any given time. No need to look through security camera footage and try to identify who it is, because the key fob will tell you based on which one was used. While there are some minor flaws to this system, such as multiple people entering the building at once, in general, it lets you know who is coming in. This can be helpful on weekends and off-hours when the building is less crowded.

You Can Revoke Access Immediately

You may have an employee leave your company that has a set of keys that belonged to them. This can bring up an immediate security concern since you may wonder if they ever made duplicate keys to the building, and if they gave back every copy that they have. By using a key fob system, they can't make a copy of the key that they could use to gain access later on. The unique ID of the key fob has its access revoked, so even if a copy of the key fob was somehow made, that would be revoked as well. 

You'll find that this saves money on the hassle that comes from having a locksmith rekey the locks, and then give employees a new set of keys. It's cheaper over time, and you'll have peace of mind that your building is 100% secure. 

You Can Grant Temporary Access

Does someone need access to your building for a short period of time? This could include a plumber or electrician that is coming in on the weekends, or maybe a cleaning crew that comes in one every other week. These people can be given temporary access with a key fob that is restricted during certain hours. This will ensure that they don't have access to the building 24/7, but only have access when you decide to give it to them. This adds another layer of security that is only possible with a key fob security system.   


19 July 2021

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