Why Upgrading Your Commercial Security System to a Card Access System May Benefit Your Business


If you use a security system to track and control entry into your facility, finding the best way to control who has that access is critical. There are many different systems available to integrate with your existing entry control, but adding a card access control system can increase the system's flexibility and allow you more control. 

Access Control

Any facility that is closed to the public, whether it is research, manufacturing, data systems, or other uses, requires access control to ensure only the people supposed to be in the building gain access. There are many different methods of access control you can use, ranging from physical security officers to scanners and keypads with access codes. 

A card access control system may work well for your company and is easy to use. The cards are issued to everyone that works for you, but each card is set up with permissions that the system recognizes and allows access when needed. 

Since the system reads the card and identifies the cardholder, any change you make in the security system takes effect immediately. This allows you to lock out a card at any access point in the facility with a few keystrokes if an employee leaves the company or is fired. 

If a card is lost or stolen, it can be disabled right away so that no one can use it to get in, and if they try, you can set most systems to alert you. 

ID Badges

One way to integrate a card access control system is to use the ID cards issued to your employees as an access card. The card can be encoded with the information required if you have the right id cards, and if you don't, new ones are not overly cost-prohibitive. 

Requiring each employee to carry the ID card means they always have what they need to access areas, and it is a good way for security services to verify that they belong there are have not lifted someone's card without them knowing it. 

For businesses dealing with sensitive information or projects that are not public, a card access control system on every entry point to the facility is a great deterrent. When combined with a security system and physical security officers on the property, you can create a robust entry control system that will work efficiently. The system can track each entry, the time people come and go, and which doors they use to come in and out. 

While some of these things may seem trivial, if you have a theft or internal leak, being able to see who was in the building and where they went while there can be beneficial. A card access control system can make that possible and make employees aware that their movements are recorded. 


4 March 2022

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