Three Signs A Home Security Camera Needs An Upgrade


A closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera system is a worthy investment for homeowners who want to protect their assets and families. You can install a CCTV solution to catch malicious activities inside and outside your home. However, only a reliable security camera system can guarantee your safety — therefore, you will want to perform timely upgrades to maintain dependability.

Unfortunately, some homeowners use outdated security cameras since they don't know when to upgrade their systems. You can analyze your unique security needs and determine if and when the system needs improvement. Here are telltale signs you need to upgrade your CCTV cameras.

1. Relocation to a New Property

While moving to a new house and neighborhood is exciting, an unreliable CCTV system can quickly dampen the excitement. Consider upgrading your security cameras even if your new house has a similar design to the old one. Hire an expert to survey the new property's layout to identify security issues such as blind spots.

A security expert will install new cameras with a wider angle of coverage to address potential blind spots that old models cannot. Similarly, replace old cameras with waterproof types if your new neighborhood experiences much rainfall. Overall, upgrade your CCTV devices to match the security needs of a new property.

2. Spike in Break-Ins

Break-ins are the main reason homeowners install CCTV camera systems on their properties. However, since burglaries fluctuate, watch out for increased break-ins and upgrade your security cameras to protect your property and family. Ask a security service provider to provide the latest local insecurity data to help you make an informed decision.

If your neighborhood records a spike in break-ins, replace old cameras without remote access capabilities with modern devices to view live footage from anywhere. The feature allows you to alert security agencies promptly if you suspect malicious activities around your home. In general, monitor emerging security issues, such as increased burglaries, to make informed decisions about improving your CCTV system.

3. Obsolete Firmware Updates

CCTV cameras receive regular firmware updates to optimize performance and address vulnerabilities. Although most software updates are automatic, check your security system regularly to confirm it runs the latest version. Notably, a manufacturer can only release new firmware updates if they continue production of a particular security camera model. Therefore, replace devices with obsolete software since they are vulnerable to security breaches and malfunctions.

Install CCTV cameras with the latest software to enhance your home security. In particular, opt for an established brand because the chances of discontinuing firmware updates are slim. Most importantly, replace an outdated CCTV system with a newer version to avoid security vulnerability.

Technological advancements and emerging security needs demand homeowners upgrade their CCTV cameras for optimal security. Contact a local home security service such as FAIRFIELD ELECTRIC COOP INC  to update your security system.


14 June 2023

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