6 Ways to Make the Entrance to Your Building More Secure


As the owner or manager of a building, you hold the responsibility for ensuring the safety of all individuals who enter your premises. Whether it's an office building, apartment complex, or community center, ensuring that unauthorized individuals can't enter the premises is a top priority. That's why it's crucial to have a secure entrance that only allows authorized personnel to access the building. Here are six ways to make the entrance to your building more secure.

Install Security Cameras: By installing security cameras near the entrance of your building, you can discourage potential intruders. Make sure to place cameras in strategic locations, such as above the doors and on the corners of the building. You can opt for a security system that allows remote access so you can view footage live and receive alerts if someone is trying to enter the building without authorization.

Use Key Cards or Fobs: Key cards and fobs are an excellent way to manage access to your building. Instead of traditional keys, employees or residents can use key cards or fobs to unlock the door. You can program the system to grant or revoke access based on the individual's role or status. Key cards or fobs technology also lets you track who enters and exits and at what time, which helps in case of a break-in or a security breach.

Biometric Security: Biometric security systems have become prevalent in recent years. By utilizing distinct human attributes like fingerprints or facial recognition technology, they authenticate the identity of individuals attempting to access the building. Biometric systems are very reliable and difficult to fake, which makes them a secure option for high-risk areas.

Security Guards: Security guards stationed at the entrance of the building can monitor everyone who enters and exits the property and act immediately if they spot suspicious behavior. They can verify the identities of employees or residents, check bags and packages, and inspect vehicles. Having a security guard managing the entrance is a great deterrent for potential intruders, and it provides an extra layer of protection.

Alarm Systems: Alarm systems work best in the event of attempted break-ins. The noise of the alarm scares away intruders and alerts security personnel and local authorities to take action. Additionally, you have the option to install motion sensors that can detect movement outside of normal working hours and initiate the alarm system if the sensors are activated. An alarm system ensures that everyone in the area knows there is a potential threat and encourages quick action.

Turnstiles: Turnstiles are mechanical gates that prevent unauthorized access to your building. You can require that employees, residents, or visitors swipe their key cards or enter a passcode to enter. Turnstiles are challenging to tamper with and are usually equipped with an alarm if someone tries to break in. They are an excellent option to improve the security of high-traffic areas, such as apartment complexes or office buildings.

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7 September 2023

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